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Aaron B (2)

We caught up with Comedian Aaron LaMarr Burleson one year later.  Check out what he has to say about his year’s ups, downs, and how he’s redefining what a real comedian is here in our first annual edition of “Follow The Comics.”

And congratulations to the doc’s Drew Lynch for doin’ his thing on “America’s Got Talent!” #TeamDrew




Stand-up comics. Most love ‘em, but few know little about ‘em… Until now. In The Makings of a Stand-Up Comedian, the curtain is pulled back, and audiences follow a group of up-and-coming comics – all of whom are at different stages in their career – as they work to pursue their dream of becoming one of the greatest comedians of all time. Whether it’s Louis C.K., Jim Carrey, or Ellen DeGeneres, the world’s introduction to most comics is usually about 15-20 years into the game, after they’ve already struck gold and secured lead film and television roles. Well, this is the journey they took to get there. If a stand-up’s career were boxing, the fame would be the parading of the title belt, their journey, the fight, and this documentary your front row ticket… Enjoy.

(Featuring: Mason Pryor, Eddie Brill, Sadiki Fuller, Drew Lynch, Jay “Lil JJ” Lewis, Marcella Arguello, Sean McBride, Aaron Lamar Burleson, Christine Little, Cleveland Parrish, Diaz Mackie, and more…)